Protection and reconstruction


The professional team at Skillplan GmbH accompanies you with professional consultants who know from many years of practical experience what really matters in an emergency:

  • preparation & protection against imminent cyber attacks and
  • on the rapid reconstruction of your IT environment after a ransomware attack

Vorbereitung und Absicherung: Infrastructure Security-Design

As experienced solution architects we plan and realise the implementation of new services with our or your team, such as

  • Zero Trust implementations and service micro-segmentation
  • Active Directory Re-Design & Optimization
  • The introduction of role-based access authorizations (RBAC model)
  • Analysis and optimization of operational processes with regard to IT security and disaster recovery

Rebuilding your IT environment: Incident Response

If the emergency has already occurred, we will advise and support you in the efficient and effective recovery of the IT infrastructure and the systems that support basic business processes.

We use tools developed by us to ensure the rapid recovery of your IT environment and work processes.